Who set me to be your judge or divine your claim?
Round the strait fields you till of wrong and right
Rolls a wide plain where, in a realm all light,
I shall exchange your heart of flesh for mine of flame.


Dividing, sub-dividing, classifying, naming and ranking; it’s what the left half of the human brain does and it does it very well. After all, as a race of hunter-gatherers we need to be able to distinguish very closely what is safe to eat from what isn’t in order to survive. In the scientific age we value these skills so highly that we train our children to hone them obsessively even at the expense of other mental activities.

The problem is that we bring the judgemental attitude in which we are so carefully schooled to everything; all the objects, people and events we encounter in life. We seem to be particularly adept at inventing reasons why other people are not worthy of our respect and consideration which is indicative of the pre-rational energy centres at work. The greatest Wisdom teachers all agree that an egoic mind focussed on judgement can never bring forth true compassion and thus we are blocked from entering that broader field of awareness we seek.

The opening words of this chant were spoken by Jesus when he declined to make a judgement on a moral/legal matter (Luke 12 v 16) and so establish Christ as the speaker who points the way beyond divisive thinking to a place of unity where his light and grace can flow through us.